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 Formed March 29, 1860 from Clinton, McKean, Potter and Elk counties. Named  for Sen. Simon Cameron. County seat, Emporium, was incorporated 1864,  Lumbering was of early importance, and flagstone at Tomb of the Unknown  Soldier was later quarried here.  City type: County Courthouse, PA 120, Emporium.

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 PORTAGE PATH ( PA 155, 5.5 miles N of Emporium Junction.)
 ALLEGHENY PORTAGE ( Junction PA 120 & 155 E of Emporium.)
 SINNEMAHONING PATH ( PA 120, 3.8 miles S of Emporium.)
 SINNEMAHONING PATH ( PA 120, 1.5 miles N of Driftwood.)
 "THE BUCKTAILS" ( Junction PA 120 & 555, Driftwood.)
 TOM MIX ( At birthplace, Mix Run Rd. off PA 555 W of Driftwood.)

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