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Formed September 26, 1789 out of Chester County. Named for the Delaware River and site of William Penn's first entry into Pennsylvania, 1682. Old Chester Courthouse (1724) is one of America's early public buildings. County seat, Media, incorporated 1850. (City type: Courthouse, Front St. & Veterans Sq., Media.)

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TINICUM (PA 291 eastboun, just NE of Essington.)
GOVERNOR PRINTZ PARK (At site, 2nd St. & Taylor Ave., Essington.)
NEW SWEDEN (At Governor Printz Park.)
MORTON HOMESTEAD (AT site PA 420 at Darby Creek, Prospect Park.)
JOHN MORTON (420 E. Ridley Ave., Ridley Park.)
LEIPER RAILWAY (SR 2008 [Bullens Ln.] E of PA 320, Nether Providence Twp.
CHESTER (US 322 at NW end of city.)
ROCHAMBEAU ROUTE [NARRAGANSETT BAY TO YORKTOWN] (US 13 [Morton Ave.] near Melrose Ave., E end of Chester.)
GREEN-BANK (2nd St. near Welsh St., Chester.)
OLD SWEDISH BURIAL GROUND (3rd St. E of Ave. of the States, Chester.)
COLONIAL COURTHOUSE (Ave. of the States near 5th., Chester.)
WILLIAM PENN AND THE FIRST ASSEMBLY (Plaque: inside wall of Old Courthouse, Ave. of the States near 5th St., Chester.)
WASHINGTON HOUSE (Ave. of the States near 5th St., Chester.)
PENN LANDING (SE corner 2nd [PA 291] & Penn Sts., Chester.)
ESSEX HOUSE (Plaque: wall at 102 Penn St., Chester.)
MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. [1929-1968] (Calvary Baptist Church, 1616 W. 2nd St. [PA 291], Chester.)
FINLAND (Concord Ave. at monument in Chester.)
CALEB PUSEY (Race St. at City Rd., Upland.)
MARCUS HOOK (US 13 at Municipal Bldg., Marcus Hook.)
CHADD'S FORD (Plaque: US 1 [S side] near junction PA 100, Chadds Ford.)
JOHN CHAD[D]'S HOUSE (Plaque: lawn of Chadd homestead on PA 100 just N of US 1.)
BATTLE OF BRANDYWINE (US 1 southbound, just E of Chadds Ford.)
BATTLE OF BRANDYWINE (Accompanies marker above.)
CASIMIR PULASKI (US 1 E of Chadds Ford near entrance Brandywine Battlefield State Park.)
BATTLE OF BRANDYWINE (US 202 & 322 just S of Dilworthtown Rd., 1.6 miles N of US 1.)
BATTLE OF BRANDYWINE (Accompanies marker immediately above.)
FANNY M. JACKSON COPPIN [1837-1913] (Cheyney University campus, off Dilworthtown & Cheyney Rds., Cheyney.)
COLONIAL GRISTMILL (US 1, 1 mile E of Concordville.)
MINQUAS' PATH (SR 3019 [Rose Valley Rd.] just S of Media borough line.)
GREAT TRAIL OF THE MINQUAS (Plaque: W side, SR 3019 [Rose Valley Rd.] .5 mile S of Moylan-Rose Valley railroad station near Media.)
BENJAMIN WEST (PA 320 in Swarthmore.)
J. EDGAR THOMSON [1808-1874] (Junction SR 2016 [Baltimore Pike] & SR 2027 [Thomson Ave.] just NE of Swarthmore.)
SPRINGFIEL FRIENDS MEETING (SR 2009 [Old Sproul & W. Springfield Rds.], Springfield)
LOWER SWEDISH CABIN (At site on Creek Rd., Clifton Heights.)
DR. GEORGE SMITH [1804-1882] (W end Marvine Ave., Drexel Hill.)
SELLERS HALL (N side Walnut St. between Copley & Glendale Rds., Upper Darby.)
ABRAHAM L. PENNOCK (76 S. State Rd. [SR 2026], Upper Darby.)
THOMAS MASSEY HOUSE (467 Lawrence Rd. [SR 1020], .5 mile NE of PA 320.)
OLD HAVERFORD FRIENDS' MEETING (SR 1005 [E. Eagle Rd.] at St. Denis Ave., Havertown.)
JOSHUA HUMPHREY (SR 1001 [Haverford Ave.] near Haverford.)
RADNOR MEETING HOUSE (Junction PA 320 & SR 1019 [Conestoga Rd.], Ithan.)
ST. DAVID'S CHURCH (SR 1046 [St. David's Rd.] at SR 1017 [Church Rd.] 2 miles SW of Wayne.)

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