Signs of History (SM)

Daviess County

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Courthouse Burned (State Marker 590, Owensboro, Courthouse lawn, US 60, Daviess Co.)
First Coal By Rail (State Marker 743, Owensboro, US 60 & KY 331, Daviess Co.)
Bill Smothers Park (State Marker 744, Park at 1st & St. Ann Sts., Owensboro, Daviess) Co.)
Panther Creek Battle (State Marker 745, 7.5 mi. S. of Owensboro, US 431, Daviess Co.)
Cornland (State Marker 883, Owensboro Belt Line & US 60, Daviess Co.)
Mount Saint Joseph (State Marker 907, Saint Joseph, KY 56, Daviess Co.)
Home of Thomas Clay (State Marker 1079, 2 mi. from Jct. US 60 on KY 405, Daviess Co.)
George Mason (State Marker 1081, At Green River Steel Mill, US 60, Daviess Co.)
Daviess County (State Marker 1158, N. of entrance to Daviess Co. H. S., US 231, Daviess Co.)
Confederate Congressional Medal of Honour (State Marker 1183, 3rd & Frederica Sts., Owensboro, Courthouse lawn, Daviess Co.)


Daviess County CSA Medalists
Sassafras Tree (State Marker 1192, 2100 Frederica St., Owensboro, Daviess Co.)
Uncle Tom Lived Here (State Marker 1241, 2.5 mi. E of KY 405 on US 60, Daviess Co.)
Madison's Land (State Marker 1242, 2 mi. E. of Sorgho, KY 54, Daviess Co.)
Senator McCreery Home (State Marker 1304, Griffith Ave., Owensboro Public Lib., US 231 & KY 54, Daviess Co.)
Buffalo Road (State Marker 1307, 1st & Frederica Sts., Owensboro, Daviess Co.)
A Governor For Tennessee (State Marker 1333, Owensboro - Daviess C. Airport, Daviess Co.)
George Graham Vest (State Marker 1436, Owensboro, Courthouse lawn, US 60, Daviess Co.)
Daviess Countians Who Served (State Marker 1456, Owensboro, Courthouse lawn, US 60, Daviess Co.)
Stirman's Folly (State Marker 1478, 519 Locust St., Owensboro, Daviess Co.)
Old Trinity Centre (State Marker 1500, 403 W. Fifth St., Owensboro, US 231 Daviess Co.)
Union Station (State Marker 1746, Owensboro, 1035 Frederica, US 431, Daviess Co.)
Hazen A. Dean (State Marker 1747, 1899-1984 (Owensboro, at Settle Memorial Methodist Church, Daviess Co.)
Col. Algernon S. Thruston (State Marker 1843, Thruston Elem. School, 4 mi. E. of Owensboro, KY 144, Daviess Co.)
Bethabara Baptist Church (State Marker 1873, 7 mi. SE of Owensboro at Habit, Jct. KY 142 & 762, Daviess Co.)
Hawes Family Cemetery (State Marker 1918, Yelvington, KY 662, Daviess Co.)

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