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Franklin County

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Lexington & Ohio R.R. (State Marker 69, Frankfort, US 421, County)
Leestown (State Marker 103, Entrance to George Staff Distillery, Wilkinson Blvd., Frankfort)
Frankfort (State Marker 105, Cemetery entrance, E. Main St., Frankfort)
Daniel Boone's Grave (State Marker 113, Farnkfort Cemetery, E. Main St., Frankfort)
Corner In Celebrities (State Marker 123, Wapping & /Washington Sts., Frankfort)
A Civil War Reprisal (State Marker 504, New Capitol Grounds, Frankfort)
Confederates Here (State Marker 522, Old Capitol Grounds, Frankfort)
Daniel Boone--Pioneer (State Marker 576, Frankfort Cemetery, E. Main St., US 60, Frankfort)
Upper Benson Church (State Marker 595, Near Anderson - Franklin Co. line, US 127, County)
Morehead House (State Marker 819, Main & Washington, Frankfort)
An Eminent Statesman (State Marker 1154, Main & Washington Sts., Frankfort)
Franklin County Hemp (State Marker 1164, Wilkinson Blvd., Frankfort, US 421 Bypass, County)
Site of Love House (State Marker 1182, Wapping & Wilkinson Sts., Frankfort)
Bibb-Burnley House (State Marker 1205, Wapping St., Frankfort)
The Old Mansion (State Marker 1208, High & Clinton Sts., Frankfor, US 127)
Justice Todd House (State Marker 1323, Wapping and Washington Sts., Frankfort)
Franklin County (State Marker 1359, Frankfort Overlook, US 60, County)
Veterans of American Revolution Elected U.S. Senator from Kentucky (State Marker 1372, Old State House, Frankfort)
Father of Kentucky Historical Society Highway Marker Program (State Marker 1420, Old State House, Broadway, Frankfort)
"Glen Willis" (State Marker 1444, Wilkinson Blvd., Frankfort, US 421 Bypass, County)
First Baptist Church (State Marker 1464, 100 West Clinton St., Frankfort)
Lt. Presley N. O'Bannon, USMC (State Marker 1465, Frankfort Cemetery, E. Main St., US 60, Frankfort)
First Methodist Church (State Marker 1476, 211 Washington St., Frankfort)
State Arsenal (State Marker 1490, At Arsenal, East Main St., Frankfort, US 60)
Early Congregation (State Marker 1495, 210 W. Clinton St., Frankfort)
Old State House (State Marker 1524, Old State House grounds, Broadway, Frankfort)
First Baptist Church (State Marker 1535, 201 St. Clair St., Frankfort)
The Church Of The Ascension (State Marker 1537, 311 Washington St., Frankfort)
First Presbyterian Church (State Marker 1540, 416 West Main, Frankfort)
Switzer Covered Bridge (State Marker 1571, Switzer, KY 1262, County)
Liberty Hall: A National Historic Landmark (State Marker 1653,
John Hampton House (State Marker 1688, 101 West Main St., Frankfort)
Early South Frankfort (State Marker 1707, 507 W. Second St., Frankfort)
First Christian Church (State Marker 1710, 316 Ann St., Frankfort)
Rev. Jesse R. Zeigler House (State Marker 1726, 509 Shelby St., Frankort)
Frank Lloyd Wright House (1869-1959)
Vest-Lindsey House (State Marker 1743, Frankfort, Wapping & Washington Sts.)
Kentucky State University (State Marker 1752, Frankfort, Maryland Ave. entrance to Kentucky State University)
Frankfort Chosen As Capital (State Marker 1774, Near New Capitol, , Capitol Ave., just south of Todd St.)
New Capitol (State Marker 1779, Frankfort, Capitol Ave., just south of Todd St.)
Garrard/Crittenden House (State Marker 1796, 300-302 Wilkinson Blvd., Frankfort)
Amos Kendall (1789-1869) (State Marker 1799, 413 West Broadway, Frankfort)
Gov. George Madison [1763-1816] (State Marker 1896, 330 W. Broadway, Frankfort, Franklin Co.)
Macklin House (State Marker 1925, 212 Washington St., Frankfort, Franklin Co.)
Lt. Presley N. O'Bannon USMC (State Marker 1940, On U.S.S. O'Bannon Destroyer, assigned to U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet.)
Frankfort Union Station (State Marker 1955, Frankfort, Broadway & High Sts., Franklin Co.)
Buena Vista (State Marker 1956, 2nd entrance to Duckers Point, 1 1/2 mi. E. of Frankfort city limits, US 421, Franklin Co.)
Todd House (State Marker 1999, 2nd entrance to Duckers Point, 1 1/2 mi. E. of Frankfort city limits, US 421, Franklin Co.)

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