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Lyon County

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Kelly Furnace (State Marker 61, Just behind furnace on KY 295 at New Kuttawa, Lyon Co.)
Matthew Lyon Grave (State Marker 130, At Cem., Overlook Dr., .6 mi. off KY 730, Lyon Co.)
Eddyville (State Marker 509, Eddyville, Overlook D., just off KY 730, Lyon Co.)
Mineral Mound (State Marker 779, 2 mi. S. of New Eddyville, KY 93, Lyon Co.)
Kelly Kettle (State Marker 946, New Kuttawa, US 62, Lyon Co.)
Last Skirmish In Ky. (State Marker 1231, State Penitentiary overlook, Eddyville, US 62, 641, Lyon Co.)
Lyon County, 1854 (State Marker 1245, Eddyville, Courthouse lawn, US 62, 641, Lyon Co.)
Eddyville Furnace (State Marker 1326, 1 mi. E. of Old Kuttawa, KY 295, Lyon Co.)
Suwanee Furnace (State Marker 1327, 1 1/2 mi. W. of Kuttawa, US 62, 641 at Jct. with Suwanee Road, Lyon Co.)
New Union Forge (State Marker 1332, Old Kuttawa, KY 93, Lyon Co.)
Fulton Furnace (State Marker 1340, The Trace, Jct. of Lookout Tower Rd., 1.2 mi. N. of Conservation Center Sta. Rd., Lyon Co.)
Mammoth Furnace (State Marker 1364, Bethlehem Church Rd., KY 58, Lyon Co.)
Tenn. Rolling Mills (State Marker 1423, Near Confederate, KY 274, Lyon Co.)
Dr. George M. Huggans (State Marker 1598, Water St., Old Eddyville, US 62 & KY 93, Lyon Co.)
Gov. Keen Johnson, 1896-1970 (State Marker 1768, The Trace of the "Land Between the Lakes" {former KY 453} and Brandon Chapel Road, Lyon Co.)

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