Ward Hall
State Historical Marker 1734 (1 mile west of Georgetown, Hwy 460)

Signs of History

Copyright 1998 Grover & Jayne Hibberd

"Junius R. Ward had this mansion (75 ft. by 75 ft.) built ca. 1855.  Striking features are its coquina (coral and fossils) foundation.  40 ft. columns, and stone window and door frames.  A frequent guest ws his niece--noted Souther belle Sallie Ward.  After the Civil War devastated his fortune, Ward sold estate in 1867.  Listed on National Register of Historic Places.


"Built as summer home, Greek Revival house in Corinthian motif has two roofs. Bottom is slate; top, once copper, had a huge copper tank for water. Deep rubbed walnut woodwork, variety of Greek trim on cornices, and an elliptical staircase are part of mansion's lavish detail. Among past owners was Col. Milton Hamilton, who offered house to legislature for state capitol."

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