Signs of History (SM)

Marion County

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Loretto Sisters (State Marker 206, St. Mary, KY 84, 327, Marion Co.)
Loretto (State Marker 207, Entrance to Loretto Academy, KY 49, 152, Marion Co.)
Death of A Morgan (State Marker 543, Lebanon, US 68, Marion Co.)
Courthouse Burned (State Marker 585, Lebanon, Courthouse lawn, US 68, Marion Co.)
Battle At Lebanon (State Marker 600, At R.R. Station, off US 68, Lebanon, Marion Co.)
Sandusky Station ~ 1776 (State Marker 670, 6 mi. NE of Lebanon, Jct. KY 843 & 1195, Marion Co.)
Knott of Lebanon (State Marker 728, Lebanon, Courthouse lawn, US 68, KY 49, Marion Co.)
Lebanon (State Marker 867, Lebanon, Courthouse lawn, US 68, Marion Co.)
Center of Kentucky
Catholic Pioneers (State marker 913, Holy Cross, KY 527, 457, Marion Co.)
Saint Mary's College (State Marker 1026, Just south of entrance to College, KY 84, Marion Co.)
Martin John Spalding (State Marker 1302, Calvary, KY 208, Marion Co.)
Eminent Theologian (State Marker 1303, Spalding Ave., Lebanon, KY 55, Marion Co.)
Cartwright's Station (State Marker 1339, 3 mi. N. of Lebanon, KY 55, Marion Co.)
Governor's Homesite (State Marker 1341, 1 mi. S. of Lebanon, KY 49, Marion Co.)
Old Grist Mill -- Distillery (State Marker 1509, At Distillery, approx. 10 mi. NW of Lebanon, KY 52, Marion Co.)
Old Calvary Cemetery -- 1/4 mile ---> (State Marker 1667, Calvary, KY 206 at the road leading to cem., Marion Co.)
Raywick (State Marker 1673, Between school & church, Raywick, KY 84, Marion Co.)

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