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Botetourt County

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Area: 360 square miles

Formed in 1769 from Augusta, and named for Lord Botetourt, Governor of Virginia 1768-70. Buchanan was the western terminus of the noted James River and Kanawha Canal.
Audley Paul's Fort, A-48 Rte. 11, 4.5 miles s. of Natural Bridge
Indian Massacre, A-50 Rte. 11.9 mile n. of Buchanan
Buchanan, A-58 Rte. 11, at Buchanan
Coming of the Railroad, A-80 Rte. 11, 4.2 miles n. of Troutville
Old Carolina Road, A-81 Rte. 11, 8 miles n. of Roanoke
Cloverdale Furnace, A-82 Rte. 11, 8.2 miles n. of Roanoke
Looney's Ferry, A-91 Rte. 11, .7 mile s. of Buchanan
Cartmill's Gap, A-92 Rte. 11, 1.4 miles n. of Buchanan
Fincastle, D-28 Rte. 220, at Fincastle
Fort William, D-29 Rte. 220, 3 miles s. of Fincastle
Greenfield, D-30 Rte. 220, 5 miles s. of Fincastle
Roanoke Valley Baptist Association, D-31 Rte. 220, near Rte. 681
Santillane, D-32 Rte. 220 at Rte. 1211, .25 mile s. of Fincastle

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