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Charlotte County

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Area 496 square miles

Formed in 1764 from Lunenburg, and named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. Patrick Henry and John Randolph of Roanoke lived in this county, and Henry is buried here.
Colonial Home, F-8 Rte. 15, 2.4 miles n. of Keysville
Early Exploration, F-77 Rte. 15, .2 mile n. of Keysville
Campaign of 1781, F-78 Rte. 15, at s. entrance of Keysville
Roanoke Plantation, F-80 Rte. 15, at Wylliesburg
Staunton Bridge Action, F-82 Rte. 15, at Wylliesburg
Red Rouse, FR-3 Rte. 727, at Red Rouse
Edgehill, FR-6 Rte. 40, 2 miles e. of Charlotte
Greenfield, FR-7 Rte. 40, 2 miles e. of Charlotte
Colonial Home, FR-8 Rte. 40, 2 miles e. of Charlotte Court House
Henry and Randolph's Debate, FR-10 Rte. 40, at Charlotte
Campaign of 1781, FR-12 Rte. 40, at Charlotte
Cub Creek Church, FR-14 Rte. 40, 2 miles e. of Phenix
Rough Creek Church, FR-15 Rte. 727, n. of Phenix
Paul Carrington, M-9 Rte. 360, at Rte. 607 in Wylliesburg

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