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Clarke County

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area: 171 square miles

Formed in 1836 from Frederick, and added to from Warren. Named for George Rogers Clark, conqueror of the Northwest. Lord Fairfax and General Daniel Morgan, Revolutionary hero lived in this county.
The Briars, B-2 Rte. 50, 3 miles n.w. of Boyce
Saratoga, B-4 Rte. 50, at Boyce
Signal Station, B-7 Rte. 50, .7 mile w. of Paris
Ashby's Tavern, B-23 Rte. 50, 2 miles n.w. of Paris
A Raid of Mosby's, J-1 Rte. 340, 1 mile n. of Berryville
Buck March Baptist Church, J-1-a Rte 340, n. of Berryville
Buck Marsh, J-2 Rte. 340. 1.5 miles n. of Berryville
Gettysburg Campaign, J-14 Rte. 340, 1 mile n. of Berryville
Anderson and Crook, J-30 Rte. 7, .7 mile w. of Berryville
Berryville, Q-3-a-b-c-d a and c: Rte. 7, at e. and w. entrance of
Berryville. b: Rte. 340, at n. entrance of
Berryville. d*: Rte. 12, at 5. entrance of
Carter Hall, T-1 Rte. 255, just n. of Millwood
Old Chapel, T-2 Rte. 255, 3.2 miles s. of Berryville
Greenway Court, T-3 Rte. 340, 2 miles n.w. of Millwood
Audley, T-4 Rte. 7, .7 mile e. of Berryville
The Burwell-Morgan Mill, T-6 Rte 255, at MilIwood
White Post, T-7 Rte. 255, at White Post
Colonial Highway, T-8 Rte. 7, 3.7 miles e. of Berryville
Castleman's Ferry Fight, T-9 Rte. 7 at Rte. 603
Castleman's Ferry Fight. T-9 Rte. 7, 4.5 miles e. of Berryville
Crook and Early, T-l0 Rte. 7, 7.7 miles e. of Berryville
Forerunner of Wireless Telegraphy, T-1 1 Rte. 7, 7.7 miles e. of Berryville
Long Branch, T-12 Rte. 626, .2 mile w. of Rte. 624

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