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Dinwiddie County

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Area: 521 square miles

Formed in 1752 from Prince George, and named for Robert Dinwiddie, Governor of Virginia 1751-56. General Winfield Scott was born in this county, and in it took place the battle of Five Forks, 1865.
Central State Hospital, I-6 Rte. 1, 4 mile w. of Petersburg
Sallie Jones Atkinson, K-304 Rte. 40, 2.5 miles w. of McKenney
Lee's Retreat, K-305 Rte. 460, .2 mile e. of Sutherland
Battle of Five Forks, K-307 Rte. 460, 4.9 miles w. of Sutherland
Saponey Church, S-40 Rte. 1, at Dewitt
Dinwiddie Tavern, S-41 Rte. 1, at Dinwiddie
Quaker Settlement, S-42 Rte. 1, 6 miles s.w. of Petersburg
Cottage Farm, S-43 Rte. I, at s. limits of Petersburg
Scott's Law Office, S-45 Rte. 1, at Dinwiddie
Raceland, S-46 Rte. 1, n. entrance of Dinwiddie
Edge Hill, S-47 Rte. 1, at s. limits of Petersburg
The Cattle (Beefsteak) Raid, S-48 Rtes. 1 and 613, 5 miles s. of Petersburg
Where Hill Fell, S-49 Rte. 1, 2.8 miles s. of Petersburg
Hatcher's Run, S-50 Rte. 1, 6.4 miles s. of Petersburg
Burgess Mill, S-51 Rte. 1, 6.4 miles s. of Petersburg
White Oak Road, S-52 Rte. 1, 6.8 miles s. of Petersburg
Action of March 29, 1865, S-53 Rte. 1, 7.7 miles s. of Petersburg
Dinwiddie Courthouse, S-54 Rte. 1, at Dinwiddie
Vaughan Road, S-55 Rte. 1, at Dinwiddie
Chamberlain's Bed, S-56 Rte. 1, 1.1 miles s. of Dinwiddie
Campaign of 1781, S-62 Rte. 1, 1.5 miles s. of Dinwiddie
Battle ofHatcher's Run 5-7 February 1865, S-63, Rte. 613, 2.2 miles e. of Rte. 1
Quaker Road Engagement, 29 March 1865, S-80 Rte. 660, .78 mile e. of Rte. 1
White Oak Road Engagement, 31 March 1865, S-81 Rte. 613. 1.63 miles w. of Rte. 1

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