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Essex County

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Area: 258 square miles

Formed in 1691 from Old Rappahannock County, and named for Essex County, England. R. M. T. Hunter, United States Senator and Confederate Secretary of State, lived in this county.
Early Settlement, N-9 Rte. 17, 7 miles n.w. of Caret
Old Rappahannock Courthouse, N 18 Rte. 17, at Caret
Portobago Indian Towns, N-19 Rte. 17, 11.8 miles n.w. of Caret
Fonthill, N-20, N-20 Rte. 17, 3 miles n.w. of Caret
Historic Tappahannock, N-2 1 Rte. 360, at Tappahannock
Ritchie's Birthplace, N-22 Cross St., at Tappahannock
Vauter's Church, N-23 Rte. 17, 10.7 miles n.w. of Caret
Fort Lowry -- Camp Byron, N-24 Rte. 17 at Rte. 611
Ancient Indian Town, N-25 Rte. 17, 1.75 miles w. of Tappahannock
Mann Meeting House, N-26 Rte. 17, 12.4 miles s.e. of Tappahannock
Gouldborough Plantation, N-27 Rte. 17, 2.27 miles s. of Caret
Departure of the Indians, N-28 Rte. 17, 2.8 miles n.w. of Tappahannock
Fort Lowry, N-29 Rte. 646 at fort site
Mattapony Indian Town, 0-22 Rte. 360, at Millers Tavern
Bacon's Northern Force, 0-23 Rte. 360, at Millers Tavern

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