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Fluvanna County

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Area: 285 square miles

Formed in 1777 from Albemarle. Named (in Latin) Anne's River, the early name of the Upper James given in honor of Queen Anne. Point of Fork was an important supply depot in 1781.
Fluvanna County Courthouse, F-49 Rte. 15, at the courthouse
Point of Fork, F-50 Rte. 15, at Dixie
"Texas Jack" Omohundro Birthplace, F-51 Rte. 15, 1 mile s. of Palmyra
Bremo, F-52 Rte. 15, 3.2 miles s. of Fork Union
Point of Fork, GA-32 Rte. 6, .8 mile w. of Columbia
Fork Union Academy, GA-33 Rte. 6, at Rte. 15
Rassawek, GA-34 Rte. 6, .8 mile w. of Columbia

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