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Gloucester County

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Area: 223 square miles

Formed in 1651 from York, and named for Gloucester County, England. Bacon the Rebel died in this county, 1676. Gloucester Point was the outpost of Cornwallis at Yorktown, 1781.
Marlfield, M-66 Rte. 17 at Rte. 613
Poplar Spring Church, N-61 Rte. 17, 5 miles n.w. of Gloucester
Marlfield, N-66 Rte. 17, 4.5 miles n.w. of Gloucester
Gloucester Courthouse, NW-1 Rte. 17, at Gloucester
Ware Church, NW-2 Rte 17, at entrance of Gloucester
To Gwynn's Island, NW-3 Rte. 17, at e. entrance of Gloucester
Warner Hall, NW-4 Rte. 17, 4.2 miles s. of Gloucester
Abingdon Church, NW-5 Rte. 17, 6.2 miles s. of Gloucester
White Marsh and Reed's Birthplace, NW-6 Rte. 17, 5.3 miles s. of Gloucester
Tarleton's Last Fight, NW-7 Rte. 1216, 2.1 miles n. of Gloucester Point
Rosewell and Werowocomoco, NW-8 Rte. 17, 5.3 miles s. of Gloucester
Gloucester Point, NW-9 Rte. 17, at Gloucester Point
Early Land Patent, NW-10 Rte. 17, at Gloucester Point
Thomas Calhoun Walker, NW-Il Rte. 17, .1 mile n. of Rtes. 3 and 14
Robert Russa Moton, NW-12 Rte. 17, .04 miles. of Rte. 614
United Negro College Fund, NW- 12 Rte. 17, .04 mile 5. of Rte. 614
Cappahosic, Q-10-a Rte. 17, at Gloucester

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