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King William County

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Area: 263 square miles

Formed in 1701 from King and Queen, and named for King William III. Here lived Carter Braxton, signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Rumford Academy, O-16, Rte. 360, at Central Garage
Cavalry Raids, O-18,Rte. 360, at Aylett
Montville Estate, O-25, Rte. 360, 1 mile s.w. of Aylett
Pamunkey Reservation, OC-14, Rte. 30, .6 mile s.e. of King William
Mattapony Reservation, OC-15, Rte. 30, 4.9 miles s.e. of King William
Campaign of 1781, OC-22, Rte. 30, 6.6 miles n.w. of West Point
Campaign of 1781, OC-25, Rte. 30,3.4 miles n.w. of West Point
St. John's Church, OC-18, Rte. 30, 8.9 miles n.w. of West Point
Mangohick Church, OC-20, Rte. 30 near Rte. 671
Chericoke (Home of Signer), OC-26, Rte. 33, at West Point

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