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Lancaster County

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Area: 130 square miles

Formed in 1652, and named for Lancaster, England. Ancient Christ Church and Epping Forest, birthplace of Washington's mother, are in this county.
Birthplace of Washington's Mother, J-80, Rte. 3, 9.3 miles e. of Farnham
Epping Forest, J-80, Rte. 3, 12 miles e. of Warsaw
Bewdley, J-81, Rte. 354, 2.13 miles e. of Rte. 3
St. Mary's White Chapel, J-82, Rte. 3, at Lively
White Marsh Church, Rte. 3, 3.6 miles n.w. of Kilmarnock
Corotoman, J-85, Rte. 646, .66 mile w. of Rte. 3
Christ Church, J-86, Rte. 646, .66 mile w. of Rte. 3
Windmill Point, J-87, Rte. 695, 6.5 miles e. of Rte. 3
Ditchley and Cobbs, J-88, Rte. 200, 1.4 miles n. of Kilmarnock
First American Woman Missionary to China, J-89, Rte. 3, at Kilmarnock
Barford, J-90, Rte. 604 at Rte. 611
A. T. Wright High School, J-91, Rte. 637, .19 mile w. of Rte.3

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