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Loudoun County

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Area: 519 square miles

Formed in 1757 from Fairfax, and named for Lord Loudoun, titular governor of Virginia, and head of the British forces in America, 1 75-58. Oak Hill, President James Monroe's home, is in this county.
Campaign of Second Manassas, B-11, Rte. 50, .44 mile w. of Fairfax Co. line
Military Movements, B-22, Rte. 50, at Middleburg
Braddock Road, B-27, Rte. 50, at Aldie
Mercer's Home, B-28, Rte. 50, at Aldie
Stuart and Bayard, B-30, Rte. 50, at Aldie
Gettysburg Campaign, B-32, Rte. 50, at limits of Middleburg
A Revolutionary War Hero, B-33, Rte. 50, 1.1 miles w. of Aldie
Battle of Ball's Bluff, F-1, Rte. 15, .9 mile n. of Leesburg
Potomac Crossings, F-2, Rte. 15, 6.9 miles n. of Leesburg
Oak Hill, F-4, Rte. 15, 3 miles n. of Aldie
Wayne's Crossing, F-5, Rte. 15, 7.2 miles n. of Leesburg
Sharpsburg (Antietam) Campaign, F-6, Rte. 15, 2.7 miles n. of Leesburg
Goose Creek Chapel, F-7, Rte. 15, 2 miles n. of Leesburg
Mother of Stonewall Jackson, F-15, Rte. 15, .9 mile s. of Gilberts Corner
Catoctin Rural Historic District, F-27, Rte. 15, 4.5 miles s. of Maryland line
St. James United Church of Christ, G-3, Rte. 673, .1 mile e. of Rte. 287
Mother of the Wright Brothers, T-5, Rte. 7, at Purceliville
Early's Washington Campaign, T-22, Rte. 7, 2.1 miles w. of Leesburg
Belmont, T-30, Rte. 7, 4.3 miles e. of Leesburg
Gettysburg Campaign, T-38, Rte. 7, 2.6 miles w. of Dranesville
First German Reformed Church Site and Cemetery, TA-1, Rte. 672/673, .6 mile e. of Rte. 287

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