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This marks the northern limit of the fifty acres constituting the original town of Norfolk. It was hounded on the north by Town Back Creek and Dun-in-the-Mire Creek. The land was purchased as a port for Lower Norfolk County for "tenn thousand pounds of tobacco and caske:' being deeded to feoffees [sic] in trust for the county in 1682. It was divided into streets and sold in half-acre lots.

First Eastern Shore Chapel, K-277 Rte. 58, 2.2 miles w. of Virginia Beach
Hospital of St. Vincent Depaul, KN- 1 Kingsley Lane and Granby St.
Norfolk Botanical Gardens, KN-2 Rte. 192, at entrance to gardens
Bank Street Baptist Church, KN-3 St. Paul's Blvd. and Charlotte St.
First Flight Ship to Shore, KV-l Fourth View St. and 1-64 at visitors center
Landing of Wool and Surrender of Norfolk, KV-5 W. Ocean View Ave. near Mason Creek Rd.
Sarah Constant Shrine, KV-6 W. Ocean View Ave. near Fourth View St.
Operation Torch, 1942, KV-7 350 ft. e. of Rte. 60 and Tidewater Dr.
Battle of Seawell's Point, inside naval base grounds
The Burning of Norfolk, St. Paul's Blvd. and City Hall Ave.
Camp Talhot, Oak Grove Rd. and Granby St.
Craney Island, Norfolk-Southern R.R. Piers, Old Dominion Wharf
Eastern Town Limit, E. Main St.
Father Ryan's Home, Tidewater Dr. and Lafayette Blvd.
The First Confederate Flag, Market St. at Monitcello Ave.
Fort Barbour, Princess Anne Rd. and Church St.
Fort Farthing or Town Point, near end of West Main St.
Fort Tar, Monticello Ave. n. of Virginia Beach Blvd.
Indian Pool Bridge, New Granby St. Bridge
John Hunter Holt, Main St., s. of Commercial Place
Main Street, Main St. facing Granby St.
The National Hotel, St. Paul's Blvd. opposite Courts Building
Northern Limit of Old Norfolk, City Hall Ave. and St. Paul's Blvd.
Old Academic Building Site, on grounds of Old Dominion University
Old Norfolk County Court House, Chestnut and Pine sts.
Selden's Home, Freemason and Botetourt sts.
Site of Lower Norfolk County Court, Main St. facing Commercial Place
Tazewell's Home, Tazewell St. near Granby St.
Tripoli Street, City Hall Ave. and Monticello Ave.
Virginia and Monitor, W. Ocean View Ave. between Thirteenth View and Fourteenth View sts.
Whittle Home, 227 W. Freemason St., at Duke St.

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