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Northampton County

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Area: 239 square miles

One of the original shires formed in 1634 and named Accomac. In 1643 the name was changed to Northampton for an English county. This county was Governor Berkeley's stronghold in the rebellion of 1676.
Site of Tidewater Institute, WY-2, Rte. 636, .75 mile e. of Rte. 13
Salem Methodist Church, WY-3, Rte. 13, at Rte. 636
Cape Charles, WY-4, Rte. 13 near Rte. 184
Arlington, WY-5, Rte. 13, 3 miles n. of Cape Charles
Old Places, WY-6, Rte. 13, 3 miles n. of Cape Charles
Towne Fields, WY-7, Rte. 13, at Cheriton
First Courthouse, WY-7, Rte. 13, at Cheriton
Home of First Settler, WY-8, Rte. 13, 1 mile s. of Eastville
Indian Village, WY-9, Rte. 13, at Eastville
Old Courthouse, WY-10, Rte. 13, at Eastville
Hungers Church and Vaucluse, WY-11, Rte. 13, 2.8 miles s. of Nassawadox

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