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Patrick County

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Area: 485 square miles

Formed in 1790 from Henry, and named for Patrick Henry, who thus had two counties named for him. General J. E. B. Stuart was horn in this county.
Fairy Stone State Park, AS-1, Rte. 623, 6 miles s. of Franklin Co. line
Colonel Abram Penn, HD-1, Rte. 58, 1.86 miles s.e. of Henry Co. line
Stuart's Birthplace, KG-2, Rte. 103, 4 miles s. of Friends Mission
Blue Ridge Mission School, U-28, Rte. 8, at Rte. 613
Stuart, U-30, Rte. 58, at Stuart
Frontier Fort, U-32, Rte. 58, 14 miles e. of Stuart
Reynolds Homestead, U-34, Rte. 58, at Critz
William Byrd's Survey of 1728, U-36, Rte. 660, 4 miles 5. of Rte. 8, at North Carolina line

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