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Pittsylvania County

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Area: 1,015 square miles

Formed in 1766 from Halifax, and named for William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, British statesman. This is the largest county in Virginia. The home of Claude A. Swanson, Governor of Virginia l9O6-10.
Pittsylvania Court House, KG-23, Rte. 29, in front of court house
Clement Hill, L-32, Rte. 29, 1 mile s. of Alta Vista
Whitmell P. Tunstall, L-48, Rte. 29 at Rte. 703
Claude A. Swanson, L-49, Rte. 29, .5 mile n. of Bus. Rte. 29
Peytonsburg, L-50, Rte. 29, at Chatham
Markham, L-52, Rte. 29 Chatham Bypass, .25 mile s. of Rte. 685 exit
Beavers Tavern, L-61, Rte. 29, 5 miles n. of Danville
Callands, LT-1, Rte. 57, at Callands
Clerk's Office, Q-12-a, Rte. 969, at Callands
John Weatherford's Grave, RG-5, Rte. 29, 9 miles s.e. of Chatham
Berry Hill, U-40, Rtes. 58 and 863

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