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The site of this city was patented in 1659 by Captain William Carver. Established as a town in 1752 and named by its founder. Lt. Col. William Crawford. Chartered as a city in 1858, it has the country's oldest naval shipyard, established in 1767. the nation's oldest naval hospital, commenced in 1827, and is the birthplace of the world's largest naval installation.

Trinity Church, Q-8-a High and Court sts.
Monumental Methodist Church, Q-8-b Dinwiddie St. near High St.
Watts House, Q-8-c 517 North St.
Ball House, Q-8-d 213 Middle St.
Benedict Arnold at Portsmouth, Q-8-e Bayview and Maryland aves.
Cornwallis at Portsmouth, Q-8-f Crawford Pkwy. e. of Court St.
Collier's Raid, Q-8-g Bayview and Maryland aves.
Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Q-8-h on hospital grounds
Elizabeth River Q-8-k Crawford Pkwy. at Court St.
City of Portsmouth, Q-8-1 Rte. 17 at Churchland Bridge
Crawford House, Q-8-m Crawford and Queen sts.
Norfolk County Court House, Q-8-n High and Court sts.
Arnold's British Defense, 1781, Q-8-o Washington and King sts.
Arnold's British Defenses, 1781, Q-8-p Crawford Pkwy. at Court St.
Arnold's British Defenses, 1781, Q-8-q Washington and Brighton sts.

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