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Rockbridge County

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Area: 616 square miles

Formed in 1778 from Augusta and Botetourt, and named for the Natural Bridge. Samuel Houston and Cyrus H. McCormick were born in this county. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are buried in Lexington. Washington and Lee University and the Virginia Military Institute are there.
Ruffner's Home, A-42, Rte. 11, at Lexington
McDowell's Grave, A-43, Rte. 11, 1.1 miles s. of Fairfield
Liberty Hall Academy, A-44, Rte. 11, 5.3 miles n. of Lexington
Red House Estate, A-45, Rte. 11, 1.1 miles s. of Fairfield
Timber Ridge Church, A-46, Rte. 11, 5.3 miles n. of Lexington (at Sam Houston Wayside)
Cherry Grove Estate, A-47, Rte. 11, .3 mile s. of Fairfield
Thorn Hill Estate, A-49, Rte. 251, .6 mile n. of Lexington
Birthplace of Sam Houston, A-52, Rte. 11, 5.3 miles n. of Lexington
Natural Bridge of Virginia, A-72, Rte. 11, at Natural Bridge
Virginia Military Institute, I-1, Rte. 11, at Lexington
Washington and Lee University, I-8, Rte. 11, at Lexington
New Monmouth Church and Morrison's Birthplace, L-8, Rte. 60, 2 miles w. of Lexington
First Indian Fight, L-10, Rte. 130, at Glasgow
Moomaw's Landing, L-11,  Rte. 60, w. end of Buena Vista
Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, R-63, Rte. 11, 7 miles s. of Lexington
Youel-Condon House, (not numbered), Rte. 39, 3.5 miles e. of Goshen

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