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Stafford County

Marker Number 158-Z
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Area: 274 square miles

Formed in 1664 from Westmoreland, and named for Staffordshire, England. The Army of the Potomac camped in this county, 1862-63.

Historic Aquia Creek, E-41, Rte. 1, 3.6 miles n. of Stafford
Historic Falmouth, E-47, Rte. 1, .95 mile n. of Route 17
Potomac Creek, E-48, Rte. 1, 3.8 miles n. of Falmouth
Potomac Creek, E-48, Rte. 1, 3 miles n. of Falmouth
Smith and Pocahontas, E-48, Rte. 1, 1.5 miles n. of Falmouth
Ancient Iron Furnace, E-49, Rte. 1, 2 miles s. of Stafford Courthouse
Indian Trail, E-50, Rte. 1, .3 mile n. of Stafford
Marlborough, E-75 Rte. 1, 3.8 miles n. of Falmouth
First Roman Catholic Settlement in Virginia, E-76, Rte. 1, near Rte. 637
Gold Mining in Stafford County, E-77, Rte. 17, .5 mile n. of Hartwood Post Office
Peyton's Ordinary, E-79, Rte. 1, 1 .8 miles n. of Stafford
Aquia Church, E-90, Rte. I, 2.7 miles n. of Stafford
Chatham, J-60, Rte. 3, .2 mile e. of Fredericksburg
Washington's Boyhood Home, J-61, Rte. 3, 1.1 miles e. of Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg Campaign, N-4, Rte. 17, 4.1 miles n.w. of Falmouth
Cavalry Affairs, N-5, Rte. 17, 8 miles n.w. of Falmouth
The Mud March, N-6, Rte. 17, 4.1 miles n.w. of Falmouth

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