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Sussex County

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Area: 515 square miles

Formed in 1753 from Surry, and named for an English county. Cornwallis passed through this county in 1781.
Bell Farm (Colonel Michael Blow), K-230, Rte. 460, at Rte. 628
Early Peanut Crop, K-306, Rte. 460, 4 miles s.e. of Waverly
Miles B. Carpenter, K-308, Rte. 460 in Waverly, .11 mile n. of Rie. 40
Jarratt's Station, UM-12, Rte. 139 in Jarratt
Jarratt's Station, UM-12, Rte. 301, at Jarratt
Old Halifax Road, UM-14, Rte. 301, at Jarratt
Nottoway River, UM-16, Rte. 301, 3.4 miles s. of Stony Creek
History at Stony Creek, UM-18, Rte. 301, at Stony Creek
The Cattle (Beefsteak) Raid, UO-5, Rte. 35 at Rte. 626

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