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Tazewell County

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Area: 531 square miles

Formed in 1799 from Russell and Wythe, and named for Henry Tazewell, United States Senator 1794-99. Beautiful Burke's Garden is in this county.
William Wynne's Fort, X-10, Bus. Rte. 19, in Tazewell
Tazewell, Bus. X-11, Rte. 19, at Tazewell
Burke's Garden, X-12, Rte. 61, 1.8 miles e. of Tazewell
Burke's Garden, X-12,a, Rtes. 666 and 623
Maiden Springs Fort, X-13, Rte. 91, 12 miles s.w. of Tazewell
Big Crab Orchard or Witter's Fort, X-14, Rte. 19/460 and Bus. Rte. 19, at Tazewell
Bluefield, Virginia, X-15, Rte. 19, at w. entrance of Bluefleld
Indian Outrages, X-16, Bus. Rte. 19,2 miles w. of Tazewell
Pisgah United Methodist Church, X-25, Rte. 19/460 and Bus. Rte. 19
Mathias Harman, Sr., X-27, Rte. 637, 7 miles n. of Rte. 460
First Court for Tazewell County, X-28, Rte. 19 and Bus. Rte. 460
Bluefield College, X-31, Rte. 102, .3 mile w. of West Virginia line
Molly Tynes' Ride, XH-1, Rte. 61, 1.8 miles e. of Tazewell
Shawver Mill, XH-2, Rte. 61 at Rte. 64
Richlands, XL-4, Rte. 460, at Richlands
Site of James Burke's Garden, XL-5, Rte. 623, in Burke's Garden
Pocahontas, XP-4, Rte. 102, just e. of Pocahontas
Abb's Valley, XP-5, Rte. 102, just e. of Pocahontas
Engagement at Falls Mills, XP-6, Rte. 102 at Rte. 643

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